Make Someone’s Today Better


A quick, random blog, just because i feel like it! The picture above is a note I recently received as an unexpected gift. We were out of town for my sons Lacrosse tournament. Stayed in many hotels but this time I was aware that someone actually cleans my rooms at hotels. I’ve know this of course but my Awareness is that I hadn’t really been grateful for this. Some people leave a tip by the bed out of fear that if they don’t ‘tip’ the maids will steal their shit-heard this rationale-no joke!

I had no fear but felt sudden guilt for not being grateful to these humble people who are behind the scenes of our lives, doing jobs that go unnoticed. Jobs that the only feedback you get is if you mess up. Think about it, these maids clean up our nasty messes, we never see them doing it-if we do, we are aggravated they are ‘Still in our room’. Their profession may be one if the only ones where the customers are given door signs basically telling you to ‘keep out’-You Cant Do Your Job Right Now’. As I type I realize how tough this job must be-if someone forgets to take the ‘do not disturb’ sign down, that maid could get in if trouble for not doing their job.

I felt that need express thanks. I looked in my wallet and had no small bills, so I left a very good tip with a personal thank you note! It was freeing, and I had ZERO expectation of anything in return. The note at the top was waiting on my pillow and was an unexpected Gift to me!

The point is, it’s a New Day! We all have our own struggles, fears and crap to deal with everyday. Take the minimal time and effort-TODAY-To do a selfless act for a stranger and be completely unattached from any expectation in return-even a Thank You! Not just maids at hotels, there are SO SO many things we take for granted in life that are somehow just ‘Done’ for us! Be aware, there is a human, a faceless person behind things we just ‘Expect’ to be taken care of!

Any expectation or expected outcome is of the EGO! If we ALL did this only one time each day, the impact would change everything. It’s SO Easy!

Be The Change You Want To See In The World! ~Mahatmas Ghandi #LuckyLance πŸ€

Seeking Your Life’s Calling? You Must First Fill in the ‘GAPSS’


β€œIf the #path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.”
― Joseph Campbell

#Helloooooooooooo & Welcome Back! Ok, I made myself start this ‘7 blogs in 7 days’ on Monday! It’s been so amazing, especially Tuesday & Today, Thursday. So, screw the 7 in 7, I’m having too much fun to take a break after 7. On top of that, writing this blog tonight is an example of the Magical Stuff we should all be living! I had written a good blog that easily flowed and tied into Wednesdays as I had planned. Towards the end, I jotted down some key changes I personally had to experience to find my calling. I walked away and when I came back to finish, WHAM-There it was! These words formed an Acronym ‘GAPSS’. I started over at that point & the rest will be history!

Yesterday’s blog focused on the importance of living your own calling and not that of another person. If you suspect you haven’t yet found your calling, be prepared! This journey is so different than what you are accustomed to. Our Purpose, our Calling only resides in each of us and once you find it, you will see that it has been trying to get your attention for a Long Time!

Here’s this deal, unlike most of the things you have ‘achieved’, this Calling/Purpose CAN NOT and WILL NOT BE FORCED! If you set a ‘goal’ to achieve your life purpose by ‘X’ day, you will utterly FAIL! Our Purpose calls the shots-Nothing of spirit can be ‘Made to Happen’. Once you find your Calling, you will KNOW IT! Life as you have known it ceases to exist-That is a WONDERFUL THING as long as you have the courage to surrender to it! Sadly many ‘feel’ their magic but Fear & Worry keep them #Stuck and they die old, sad and full of regret! Screw That!!!!

In an attempt to keep this ‘blog length’ to a minimum, i am bringing this to a close. First I must share with you the key steps I’ve taken and how they magically formed this Acronym~ GAPSS:

Self Love

How’s that for a shameless #cliffhanger? I’m only getting started! The 7 blogs in 7 days is SO inadequate at this point. I will elaborate more every day!

I Am humbled and honored to have YOU take the time to read my stuff!


#LuckyLance πŸ€

Are You Chasing Your Calling or Someone Else’s?


Hello everybody and welcome to Day 3 of 7 in my blog series. This topic hit me again out of the blue so, I’m going with it. Do you ever feel like the #Cheetah in the picture, giving all your energy to chase down some all important dream? Obviously, the Cheetah is chasing a meal so that’s of utmost importance. Looking back not only at my past life but even what I currently struggle with, I’m learning the importance to make sure that you are ‘chasing’ what matters to YOU, not someone else.

In past blogs I’ve touched on the importance of Accepting yourself, facing your fears and finding the life you were born to live. Each of us has been widely programmed (actually De-Programmed) by outside people and influences in our lives. We have been taught to chase things in life that more times than not aren’t important to us at our core. We think they are important because our parents, family, friends, media and society say they are.

I’ve been Lucky to have a network of support around me to be able to make my own choices. I knew people growing up who were trying to live up to demands and expectations of their parents. Go to a little league game, dance or gymnastics event anywhere in the country today, pick your sport, and you will see first hand that lots of parents sadly try to live vicariously through their children. It often carries on to college where there is a lot of pressure put on a young adult to pursue a career held in high esteem-Doctor, Lawyer, etc. I’m not indicting the masses but you know it goes on.

Even if you have the free will to choose, it is often unknowingly influenced by your up-bringing. I got a degree in Finance, looking back because it was what was prevalent in my family. I wasn’t pressured in the least but it was ‘in my blood’ or so I thought. The great thing about life is even if you have been programmed or forced down a career path that is a mismatch, it’s NEVER TOO LATE to make a change.

Having spent many years in a several professions, it only gets harder once you enter the workplace. You may not have parental influence but you become a product of the environment. Everyone you work with is ‘expected’ to achieve the same things-promotions, titles, winning sales contests, making big bucks and often at any cost necessary. This becomes a dangerous cycle that keeps people stuck in a job they shouldn’t be in! It may be a Great Job-my last one for example-but a Wrong Fit for the individual. When you are viewed as Successful in your field, make a lot of money and subsequently build a lifestyle that relies on that income, you often end up like a cheetah, constantly running, chasing that next gazelle. The difference is the cheetah must eat to survive-We aren’t fighting for survival, we chase a “Better” lifestyle, with better “things”, and none have made me personally happier. As a result of this ‘Chase’, I believe we shorten our lifespan and greatly reduce our chance at true happiness if we devote so much energy to a job or career that deep inside, you don’t like, or in my case, had come to Hate!

I will delve further into finding your calling in tomorrow’s blog. But in the mean time, ask yourself, are you pursuing your calling or a calling influenced by someone else? Is it a constant struggle or is it effortless? When you’re on the right path, I am learning effort isn’t needed, it all just works. Thank You Again for reading this, I am honored and hope that someone out there can learn something that can help them find their inner peace and happiness.

To Be Continued……..

Lucky Lance

Are you trying to ‘Make Something Happen’ and it’s Not?

Well, day two of my self commitment to write a blog a day for 7 days straight has met it’s share of resistance. I must preface that prior to today, I only blog or write when it hits me and it has been so effortless. I’ve fought this blog all day long. I guess you can say I was experiencing writers block. I just couldn’t start the process-had a million topics but none would flow. Then WHAM it hit me-write about what you are struggling with right NOW! It’s now flowing like a river & I am SO GRATEFUL!

It was Awareness of what I was resisting; Awareness that is so crucial to a happy, fulfilled life. In my blog yesterday I focused on the need to take time for yourself. Since I have put that in practice, my Awareness is at an all time high.

Eckhart Tolle has a a quote I love that says “What you Resist, Persists” Think about it, our news, our world is so full of hatred, creating horrible separation. Everyone seems to be fighting a battle, supporting a cause and no one will open their mind to another’s opinion. This Sucks and is Sad to me. When we devote our efforts to fighting ‘against’ anything or anyone we view as bad or wrong, we give energy to that negative thing-person we loathe. Mother Teresa used to stress the need to Not oppose anything, but rather support it’s opposite. Look at The ‘Wars’ the world ‘Fights’ today:
-The War on Drugs-FAIL!
-The War on Terror-FAIL!
-The War on Starvation & Poverty-FAIL!
The “War” on anything just doesn’t work!

The same can be said for what you struggle with the most in your life. We have been raised to be ‘Achiever’s’, ‘Go Getter’s’. We’re taught that if we do all we can, bust our asses, sacrifice like hell (it’s sadly the most important stuff we give up & only realize on our Death Bed). All that seems to matter in the world today is status, wealth, ‘fame’, accumulations-STUFF! We are taught that the strong prevail, that ‘Winning’ and ‘Stuff’ bring Happiness-The ‘Good’ Life! Ive had a remarkably blessed life by those standards until recently. We gut out an existence, trying to ‘better’ ourselves, our family, to ACHIEVE STUFF-and that stuff brings ZERO HAPPINESS! Are we ABLE to ‘Succeed’ and make a LOT of money? Hell yes! Trust me my friends, I Have BEEN to the top of a high profile, big money career in sales, won trips, stock, NICE watches, Made A LOT of money and Towards The End, I Actually felt Guilty for the money I was making! Was it easy to achieve-HELL NO! Was it satisfying and fulfilling for me personally? Nope! For others it may be but I had no passion for what I did and let me tell you, it was a SWEET JOB many would die to get-I had the best of it and the worst, I grew as a person and no longer could exist in that role!

My point in this is I am one of the Lucky ones, to find what matters most to me and to take this scary leap of faith I am living Right Now! Nothing is ‘safe’ or ‘secure’ but I’m thankful to have been courageous and at peace with myself to pursue this crazy, amazing calling!

Since I have, the things that used to paralyze me with fear, I’ve faced and they didn’t stop me-actually didn’t even slow me. Not only that but my general happiness is at an all time high-yes I still have my moments-ask anyone who knows me-Haha! But like this blog, once I quit resisting and let go, Everything Just Works! ‘Effort’ and ‘Making It Happen’ are things of the past because I am living life with my Calling at the wheel. I could be broke before long, I may not be a published writer, may not make a dime-I Don’t Care-Truly! I JUST KNOW that I’m here to help and that it is all going to work out just perfectly. I have More Than I Need RIGHT NOW-this place is where I Live my Life-NOW!

Friends, Magic is Real! Become aware of what you strive so hard for in life, especially if you meet resistance or failure. Accept EVERYTHING in your life as if you had Asked for it to occur-Yes-even the Bad, Horrible things, events and people! Do this and find a way to give SINCERE GRATITUDE for it-even if you can’t see the good to come from it, Thank It & I Promise That You Will!

Lucky Lance

7 in 7: Blog 1~ Are You Being Selfish Enough?

The title of this blog is eye catching, but the lesson behind it is one it took me a long time to learn. While excessive selfishness is a bad thing, I was guilty of not allowing myself time for ME that I so badly needed!

Over the last several years, I’ve faced a lot of adversity. These struggles have been amazing teachers and thankfully have made me a better, happier, more content individual. One of the things I lacked the most was taking time for me. I had no clue how much I needed this time, how much it was holding me back from the Happiness I longed for!

We all lead extraordinary, busy lives, more so than in any generation prior. Not to mention the advances in technology that makes it tough for us to ever really be ‘alone’. In life we have so many roles~Spouse, Parent, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, employee, boss, friend and on and on. These roles we play come with a level of commitment as well as responsibilities. Looking back, I became engrossed in all the roles I played, and I put my own needs last & even felt guilty to do anything for myself.

In a session with my Lifecoach, she shared the need to be ‘Intelligently Selfish’ -Thank You Lee! This phrase described what was missing most in my life: time for myself. When we don’t take time to care for ourselves first, we lose touch with our sense of self. We withhold true happiness from our lives. As a result, we are no where near as effective in our other roles that we spend most of our time engaged in.

For me, personal time has made all the difference. I enjoy going to sit somewhere outside. Sometimes I write, listen to music or meditate in the sounds of nature around me. You must find what works for you, but you will know when you find it, it feels amazing. Through taking this time for me, I have experienced immense personal growth, healing of old wounds and I truly am able to Love and Accept Myself for who I really am. It’s a small act that has made an Enormous change in my life.

No matter how busy and hectic your life is, no matter how many others rely on you for their needs, Take Time for YOU-NOW! Start today if it’s only 5 minutes, you can’t afford to put off your happiness any longer. Practice ‘Intelligent Selfishness’ Everyday, it will improve every other aspect of your life! And guess what, the world doesn’t come to a screeching halt if you put other stuff on hold and take time to re-charge your own battery-I Promise!

Thank You for your time and for reading this. Please feel free to share if you know someone who could benefit from this. Have a Wonderful Week! Come back tomorrow, Day 2 of my 7 for 7 Blog Event.

‘Lucky’ LanceπŸ˜ŠπŸ€

PS-A HUGE Thank You to my Awesome Friend ‘Momi in Hawaii’ for sharing and allowing me to use her photo for this blog! #Mahalo!

7 Blogs For 7 Days


I’ve been inconsistent in my blogging at best but I only write when I feel led to. I have the urge to crank some stuff out & also to make writing a daily practice in my life. I am committing to share something new everyday for 7 days. I hope as always that what I share can help brighten someone’s day, assisting others find their own joy. Thank Each of you for the Wonderful Support, I am a grateful for every reader! Have a Happy Week! #Lucky Lance!

Are Stress and Worry Taking Their Toll On You?

I wanted to share this short story that my Mother shared with me. I like the message and it goes to show the negative impact of Worry in our lives! Be Present-Now! Worries and Fears are useless emotions that do nothing but rob us of true life, only found in the present moment!
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” ~Bobby McFarrin #LuckyLance πŸ€

A psychologist walked around a room while teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water, everyone expected they’d be asked the “half empty or half full” question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: “How heavy is this glass of water?”

Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. to 20 oz.

She replied, “The absolute weight doesn’t matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it’s not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I’ll have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the glass doesn’t change, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes.” She continued, “The stresses and worries in life are like that glass of water. Think about them for a while and nothing happens. Think about them a bit longer and they begin to hurt. And if you think about them all day long, you will feel paralyzed – incapable of doing anything.”

Remember to put the glass down πŸ™‚